Gruuuuuuuddddddddiiiiiiieeeee hello!!! :D

Hey Grudie,

It's been far too long since i've seen a gruuuuuuuuuddddddiiiiiieeee title on ttc and just noticed you online, so as i've not seen you for a while..........Heeeeelllllllllloooooooooo mrs!!!

How the devil are you hun? Missed you on BE and glad to see you on line!

Im feeling like im going to pop at the moment, so i'm staying firmly plonked behind the laptop and vegging until pootle decides to make an appearence!

Hope ur well hun xxx

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  • what the fuck !!!!! pmls image back to the stars :lol: (hopefully lol)

    how the bloody hell are you?? the pic you sent me of pootle was fantastic,so glad everything ok and set for a natural birth yyiipeeeeee image

    im ok Mrs doing away,think were back on track for starting agian not a clue what cd in on...oh wait its 26 lol not using my CBFM again yet tho just been having a bit of us time not baby making time lol

    i bet your huge image lol not long at all eh!!!!!
  • Hehehe........glad ur feeling back on track and def a good idea of u time!! Im looking forward to some "us" time without a huge bump in the way :lol: but will have to be careful.......think DH would cry if we got caught again without a bit of fun 1st :lol:

    Yes I am suitably HUGE image although dont look too bad, still nice and neat unlike my sis who is humungous and measuring 3 1/2 weeks ahead :lol:.......that'll learn her for trying to steal my thunder :lol:

    Will be a regular checker again for any updates from you hun! And may even petition for the friday topic back image

    Lots of luck for this month xxx
  • Shamless Gate Crasher here LOL

    2 of my favourite ladies on one thread wooo hooo LOL, we should have a reunion!!!

    Em I think the petition is a good idea, almost everytime I see a post from Grudie I have to mention it LOL
    Hope you ladies are good, em have been keeping a close eye on you & LB (not in a stalker way) & Grudie everytime I see you online I have a nose around looking for you LOL (ok I do sound like a stalker but you know it's all good LOL)

    Anyway take care lovelies xxx
  • another shameless gatecraher

    hello ladies, i put one vote forward for the friday topic, i miss having a giggle on a friday!
  • HaHa laujai...that made me chuckle! You stalk away my love, we'll just all stalk each other! :lol: x
  • PP hello mummie how's you & little man?

    2nd vote for fridays dirty topic!!!

    Dont worry em am proper stalking now just posted in Feb!!! LOL xxx
  • we are good thankyou, 3 weeks tomorrow! cant belive how quick it is going! x

    p.s i must admit to a bit of stalking, i keep popping back to make sure i havent missed any BFP posts for you ladies and for the many in the due in forums (i must have far too much time on my hands!)
  • 3 Weeks blimey that has flown by. You have a very handsome little boy there PP you must be very proud. Amazing how the time goes I remember your BFP post!!

    When im not stalking I hang out in either ttc after mc or ltttc!! Dont really know many of the ladies here now almost everyone's gone LOL!! xx

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