Feeling rough!!

Im feeling rough today, ive had bad stomache pains since monday and now i keep going to the loo every half hour! I know i wanted to loose weight but not this way! lol. I just hope it all clears up in time for ov. To make matters worse 2 people have said ohh do you think you could be pregnant!!! Arghhhh!! xx


  • Oooh, hun that is so annoying. We recently got married and I am so sick of people asking we have not told anyone we are ttc. Stomach pains could be ov?! Chin up, easier said than done, I really need to practice what I preach!!
  • Thanks hun but i think the pains are to stronge to be ov plus i keep going to the loo (no 2s, sorry tmi) Ive only told a couple of people we are ttc but they werent the ones that asked! lol. Im just drinking plenty of water and hope it passes soon. xx
  • hi honey sorry your feeling rubbish!!!

    i think your doing the best thing possible, keep up your fluids and let it run its course!!!

    when are you due to ov??
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