What we did differently and symtpoms!

Hey girls so got my BFP properly yesterday and now that i have calmed down a bit lol I thought you would all like to know what we did differently.This was our 3rd month of ttc.

We used OPKs for the first time - HOWEVER i didn't follow the instructions exactly. Due to the length of my cycles it told me to start testing on CD18 which was a thursday. The weekend before i started getting EWCM so tested early and got my positives on the sat and sun! OVd on the Monday. We BD'd fri, sat, sun and tue.

Had been charting my temps - but to be honest they didn't help that much - they did help to confirm when i OVd and when i implanted. It prompted me to test. Have stopped charting now tho cos too scared tempos will drop!!

OH stopped smoking and I cut down on my caffeine. Think thats about it.


1dpo - 8dpo - Nothing! A bit of cramping maybe but nothing out of the ordinary.
10dpo - Sharp pain in my back, temp suddenly rose quite a lot! Got a faint BFP in the evening.
11dpo - Faint BFP in morning. Really bad indigestion and smelly wind lol. bit crampy.
12dpo - Beginning to get very tired, could have been the excitement as i used a CBD today and got pregnant 1 -2 weeks!
13dpo - This morning, nipples beginning to really hurt, quite crampy.

So good luck ladies! Sorry for the long and rambling message but thought it might help someone somewhere!




  • Congratulations again and thanks for the info.
    Im starting smep today cd8- yay- ov'd on cd13 last month so do you think it will be the same this month?
    hope it's later really as dh goes away 21st feb which (altho i get very confused) i think that would mean if we don't get a bfp this month he will be away when i ov nxt month. Im determined to be relaxed about it tho, got 2 christenings on the day my af would be due and been dreaming of car registrations with bfp (looking for a new car) lol fingers crossed they are signs.
    This is my way of being relaxed btw lol
  • Congratulations!image
    Hopefully we'll all see you in Pregnancy very soon.
  • Hun what caffeine products did you cut down on tea and coffee? what about chocolate can you eat chocolate? or has that not got caffeine in.

    Am so blonde sometimes!!

  • What OPK's did you use just out of interest?
  • Hey i used OPKs from the internet - from homehealth i think it was called.

    And I have still been eating a bit of chocolate. It does have caffeine in it but nowhere near as much as like tea and coffee.

  • http://www.homehealth-uk.com/
    This is where i got the OPKs and the pregnancy tests.
    Dead cheap and have been very reliable to me so far image


  • Just ordered some, did they take long to get to you?
    Can't remember if I actually said congrats or not-if not congratulations on your BFP!!!
  • Congratulations snugglenush!
    Would love to be joining you in DIO this month! Look out for me!!! hehehe
    H&H 9months!
  • oh thank you for this, i love reading the symptoms!!!

    P.S. congratulations again honey!!!

    x x x
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