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When is day 1 ? I wish by AF would just show up properly !

Since Friday its been coming and going, coming and going, coming and going !! No full flow just patches and spots !!!! :evil: I feel the ache in my belly like I should be on full flow but for some reason it just refuses !! My AF was due on 29th so i'm now confused, i got my first spots of blood on 28th so do I count day one from then or wait till i'm on full flow (if that ever happens ! "

I just wish it would start flowing so we can get started again and I know where I stand !!!


  • Hey hun, have u done a pg test....?!? xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi ya,

    I have been advised from all the ladies on here that the first day of 'full flow' is day one as i was also confused trying to work out ovulation. This seems to be right if you google ovulation etc.
    I was the same as you last month i had 3 days of spotting before AF fully arrived (5 days early) so frustrating knowing whether its AF or something much nicer.

    Good luck hun
  • Have you tested? could be an implantation bleed. I would only count day 1 as first day of full flow.
  • Hmmm, i'm pretty sure i'm not pg because even though its just spotting i think its too much to be implantation bleeding. Plus with the timing of it being around my AF due date I think its probably just an arkward AF. Guess i'll wait for my full flow to count day one !
  • do it, so it, what better way to bring in the new year, peeing in ur pink sparkley cup and dipping!!!! kim xxxxxx
  • Well keep going back to the loo to check if AF is full flow yet, but all I keep getting (tmi) is brown blood !!! So annoyed, as if its not bad enough I have to spend New Years Eve all alone i'm having an annoying AF. That PMA has travelled miles away from me this month !!!!!!!
  • I had the same thing! AF was due about 20th, but started light 'spotting', patchy, brown type bleeding on the 13th, then full flow finally arrived on the 19th. Entered details on mymonthlycycle (as recommended by Saint Bertie) and also details of last AF, and it predicted that I wd be ov today. So been BD'g like crazy and now beginning 2ww. Its weird isnt it? usually I get achy back, lower tummy cramps and then WHAM! AF arrives in good style. This time...........
    Flamin' bodies r havin a laff with us sez I!!! :x x
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