Have noticed.....

.......that there is a real air of PMA on this site over the last few days.

It is so lovely to hear everyone feeling positive about things. I am convinced that we will have a number of us in the February 09 forum before the end of June is over. I will be due to test around 8th June and I really looking forward to it this time round. I can feel it in my waters that this is going to be a good month for many of us.

Does anyone else feel like this at the moment?



  • Yes, I feel full of PMA now - i'm even going to go to the gym later, and i've booked an appt with the acupunturist for next friday. So i'm going to try a have a very healthy month ... my af is now 3 days late but tested and BFN, but its not getting me down!

    Lots and lots of PMA all around please!

  • Me, I'm trying to keep up the PMA! That Feb 09 forum looks so appealing! It's waiting for our names to pop up with our BFP announcements!!!
    Am sending out some of my PMA and babydust to everyone!! xxxxx
  • Can I have some please? I have some but not as much as I started this month with. Should know if I'll be joining jan forum by next tuesday!!!
  • Me toooooooooooo.
    I feel really happy for some reason. I keep singing and having a jig about.
    Im full of PMA.
    We can keep each other going (I think we do anyway)
  • Sending you a large helping of PMA hjanea! Keeping my fingers crossed for you xxxx
  • Thankyou!!xx
  • Have some of mine too hjanea!!! xxxx
  • Thankyou too. just lol at your bump on blue circle on feb post!!!!!!!!!!! Feel tired and bit tearful for no reason-so hoping its an early sign. Hope you get into that feb forum Mrs H!!xx
  • I feel great this month and so full of PMA I dont know why I have been so down for 6 months! I too think June is going to be a successful month and hope we all have feb bubbas.
    Ooooohhh Im so excited for us all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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