Morning Ladies!! I'm back and need some help please :\?

I'm back after a little break from BE, needed to take a short break as TTC was starting to become all consuming!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is so far enjoying 2010 image

Ok, so a little about me - it is a year to the month of us deciding to TTC following a shock BFP last January (that sadly ended with a chemical pregnancy). Since then we have had a further 2 chemical pregnancies :cry:

I generally have 28 day cycles and can ov anywhere between CD11 and CD 15. I haven't tracked ov this cycle due to Christmas and what not and being too busy, though I think I ov'd on 27/12 (CD1 was 14/12). Generally 3 days before AF is due my temp plummets (from around 36.8/9 right down to 36.3/2) is CD29 - no af and no sign of her - my temp is through the roof (37.2!!!) I tested on Friday (with a superdrug hpt) as we were going out for the evening and I wanted to know whether alcohol was on the menu imageops: and it was a BFN
Haven't really had pg symtoms to speak of - all "symptoms" can be explained away for something else - all apart from the metallic taste in my mouth that is...

What do you ladies think....could this still be possible even though we got BFN on Friday??


  • Hi Hun

    Happy New Year, have been looking our for you.

    Did you have a good xmas?

    So you could still be pg hun you know it's not over till the old witch sings!!!

    Are you gona re-test in a day or so? xx
  • Hi Lau :\)

    I had a lovely Christmas, spent Christmas day here with oh and kids and then down to my sisters (she lives 300 miles away) for the New Year - was fabtastic!!

    Happy New Year to you too!! Any news?? ;\)

    I think I will land up testing again tbh :\( I really thought I'd managed to get everything under control and not be quite so obsessive what with my break and everything (No BE, OPK's or temping for nearly 2 months!!!!! image) But I've got back on the roller coaster as of last Wednesday and I'm right back to symptom spotting like a loon and temping for England :lol:

    I just hate getting my hopes up only for her to come and stamp all over me :\(
  • Tell me about it.

    We've been in too minds about ttc again so this month I have gone all out with SS & early testing (naugthy me).

    As your already late why not try & wait a couple of days to re-test if you can easier said I know.

    No nothing on our end have to wait till 23rd feb for follow up appt, thy messed up my lupus anticoagulant tests so had to have that re-done & there was a backlog on the genetic test so have to wait for that too!!!.

    Had a awful AF last month with contractions hot sweats & throwing up & the nxt day passed a big piece of tissue it's come back showing mc tissue so they think it was from Oct so that's 4 mc now in 13 months!!!!

    Will be keeping everything crossed for you hun, would love to move into a due in forum with you. xxx
  • So...this early testing (naughty naughty - say 5 hail marys :lol: ) did it give you anything??

    I think I'm going to *try* and wait until Thursday to retest - no particular reason other than Thursday is my favourite day image that's if AF doesn't come and spoil my party yet again :roll:

    I cannot believe after all you've already been through they go and mess up one of the most important tests (for you - if I recall correctly as that could be key to the recurrent mc's??) Ridiculous!!

    I hope your genetic tests come through quicker than ours - had to have genetic tests done for my daughter last Monday - how do you explain to a 6 year old (with mental age of 3) that you really do need to stick a needle in her and take some of her blood?? :\( - we were told that due to the things they are testing her for and also because they will be looking for the tiniest of tiny anamolies in her DNA that we could be looking at "several" months before we get a result - when pressed on what "several" months was (ie 3/5/7 etc) the geneticist replied "It's an inexact science - with some people we find what we are looking for almost immediately - with takes time" :roll:

    I really, really hope you get somewhere fast with the clinic, to have one mc is heartbreaking - but 4...well, devastating doesn't come anywhere near close to describing it :\(

    It would be fantastic to move into a due in forum together - seems we run on the same cycles more or less all the time, would be nice to go into one with a friend image
  • I think that's sensible hun esp if thurs is your favourite day LOL

    I got a really faint line but it was after the test time LOL!! But as I hadnt poas for ages it was just for the fun of it!!

    Yes your right it is the most important ones!!

    Well our genetic tests cause they took blood from us both they said it takes 6-8 weeks to culture then we get a result after that!! That's nice isnt it they could at least give you some idea I mean there must be a certain time that they decide to stop looking if they havent found what they are looking for!!
    I'd like to go in with a familiar face who understands our anxieties about the whole thing!!
  • ooooh....faint lines..... when are you retesting??

    I do recall the first lot of genetic tests my daughter had (this is her third set!) that they only took 6 weeks to come back and they'd been cultured - so you may be ok for round 23/02!

    I'm sooooo used to vague answers from the dr's as far as my daughter is concerned - no one really knows why she is the way she is hence the tests and they only have a vague idea of what they want to look for and have then bundled a few more possibles into the mix along with the microscopic look at her dna. I guess I should really be used to it by now....

    That's a pact then - we go in together!! If not this month - then I *could* be on for a Valentines day bean...... image
  • Im not getting excited it was an hour after i tested LOL!!

    Im due on Fri but I feel full of PMT today despite having various other symptoms!!

    It doenst make it any easier for you though as a parent if anything it's worse not knowing what else they are hoping to find & putting her through so many tests etc, poor thing.

    Im up for that definatley hun!!! xxx
  • So will you be testing Friday if she doesn't show then? Fingers firmly crossed for us both!! (what symptoms do you have?)

    It doesn't make it easier tbh, they've told me two of the things they are testing for but the others they have said are a long shot so they don't want me hitting google!!

    I've told them that this is absolutely the last blood test they will do on her until she is old enough to understand or old enough to want to do it voluntarily - my view being they've had 6 years and various tests done during that time to ascertain whether she has anything genetically not quite right, or whether it's just a fluke of nature - so if they've not managed to find it in this six years of her life I'm sure it can wait for the next 6 years!!

    If no + test this month we'll both be going all out for a vally bean image
  • I'll try & wait till Sat or Sun.
    My boobs have felt very heavy & tingly, lots of nausea almost chucked up last night!!, fancying my banana milkshake LOL (I always crave it when im pg LOL probably all in my head or just need the calcium!) feeling knackered all the time & grumpy!!

    I have been getting the odd ache in my sides but im sure it's something to do with af oh & keep getting this weird thing in my lady bits (sorry tmi) like a bearing down feeling!!!

    I agree with you hun why put her through any more tests if they dont even know what they are looking for after so many already, bless her.

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