i have no idea what my body is doing.....

Well if that bleed tuesday was my af after 107 days then thats all there was i've had nothing since?! i've really know idea what to do i checked my cervix yesterday and it was definatly mid/low but open and i was getting a lot of clear cm.

Today i've been getting awful cramps low down and i checked my cervix this morning and it was high open and wet- which would normally indicate OV?!

Checked a minute a go (god if my collegues knew what i did at work they would be shocked!!!!) and its high soft and closed?!

Now i know CP isn't a could indication of anything as its so unpreditable and i'd be the 1st to say ignore it but the thing is i'm relying on tue being CD1 so that i can have my dye test next friday as it can only be done in the 1st half of ur cycle but if tue wasn't but i am infact ov any resulting pg could be harmed/disturbed by the test?!

Please help what should i do??!!!!


  • Oh chick, im not sure what to advise...your damned if u do and damned if u dont...from experience i dont trust my cervix anymore as the position can change so often....id still count it as day one....but maybe do a pg test b4 u go in for the dye test to rule out pg?? Not much help im afraid!! xxxxxxx :\)
  • the thing is even if i did a test b4 that morning i would only be 9dpo if i ov'd yesterday....

    oh i really don't know..
  • This is the problem....have u had any ewcm? Its so hard to know what to say to do, im feeling like that about my appoinment, if i ov over the next couple days, il be 10dpo...didn want to test but may have no choice.....have u bd recently? xxx
  • Hi Lilac, I was due my period the week I was booked in for my lap and dye so I think although they prefer to do the test in the first half of your cycle, the main thing you should not be on your period at the time. I wouldn't worry too much as they will do a pregnancy test the morning of the lap and dye anyway. Good luck.
  • no ewcm but then i rarely get any...We did bd last night as didn't wnat to miss the opportunity if i was OV.

    Thanks H4B. i guess i'll just have to play the waiting game.
  • God that present has some anwsering for!!!!

    Lets hope then that u get a positive the morning of the l&d...invest in a 6days early first response and see what happens, by 9dpo it will be out of your tube and implanted in your tummy anyway wouldnt it? xxxxx
  • yes it should be but the dye goes up through ur cervix so into the womb, they didn't say it would result in a mc they just advise against it .....and i guess if i was lucky enough to get pg i would never know either way.
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