AF Appeared :(

It's my first wedding anniversary today and i'm sat here in floods of tears! Got up this morning and AF had appeared this was month 12 for us and I just feel totally deflated! I know my husband is only trying to help but telling me I'm stressing myself out over nothing isn't really helping infact I feel totall alone........ just don't feel like he understands!

I just feel like giving in any giving up on ttc such an emotional roller coaster and most of it I feel like I'm going alone.... feels like it only me who wants a baby anyway so by as well giving up now


  • Oh you poor thing. Sometimes it can be so hard, and our men will never truely understand!! My hubby is like yours, I am sure they do want to have a baby but they will never have the all encomposing need like we do as women.

    I know how you feel, I have only been trying for 6 months but I have only had 2 periods in that time and am being tested for PCOS next week. It is the most frustrating and sometimes soul destroying thing to go through, but as hard as it is to believe it sometimes, your time WILL come and you will be such a wonderful mummy having wanted it for so long.

    I hope you feel better soon, fingers crossed for next month xx
  • Aww huni, I am sorry to hear you are feeling blue image

    I do not know how it feels to be a month 12 as we haven't been ttc that long but I have had a mc this year and so know how awful it feels when AF shows.

    Men sometimes don't know how to say what they want to say and feel without saying something that we migth find upsetting, I am sure he doesn't like seeing you so upset, I know my hubs doesn't.

    You are definitely not alone hun, we are here for virtual hugs and support whenever you need us. Perhaps talk to your hubs about feeling like giving up.

    My hubs is great at boosting my PMA, staying positive when I am in floods of tears etc... but as great as he is, I understand when you say he doesn't 100% understand.

    Sometimes the road to baby is a long one, as many girls on here know, but it WILL be worth it in the end hun. That is what keeps me going each month.

    I hope you have something nice planned today for your wedding anniversary, you deserve to go out and treat yourselves, spend some quality time with hubs... If I were you I would have a big cry and then try and look to next month, plan some nice things to look forward between now and then...

    Just out of interest, have you been to the docs about ttc??

    Sending you huge hugs xxxx
  • Thanks for your kind words girls!

    I do feel better after a big cry. DH is taking me back to where we had our wedding reception for dinner so I'm looking forward to that.

    I have not been to see the doctor regarding ttc but I'm going to make an appointment this month to get checked out.... the probelm is by hubby hates going to the doctors so getting him to get checked out may be a little more difficult .... but you never know he might surprise me and not put up a fight
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