Oh dear

My hubbys little brother who is 14 stayed over last night, and he came in to our bed room and I had a preg mag on my bedside table an I could se him starting at it. Well the thing is we don't want anyone to kno we are ttc and I just kno he is going to tell mil and she will ask me, wat can I say??????? X


  • Hi lindz.

    If it were me, if he says anything i would just say a friend of mine is pregnant and she left it by mistake. Whether they will fall for that or not is the question, LOL, good luck, Its going to be hard to wriggle out of that one. :lol:


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  • Grrr, ate my post! But mine was same as MMPs. If she questions why it was in your room either say you were bored one night so flipping through it out of curiosity or that she wanted to show you something woman-woman without the men so you'd hid in the bedroom and she'd left it behind.

    You never know, at 14 he might not really twig enough to say anything to her - you know what blokes can be like!!

    Good luck - both with MIL and TTC! x
  • im with garfeild, the chances of him saying anything to his friend and then your little bil saying something to his Mum, and then her wanting to question you....esp if two of the links in the chain are males!!!

    good luck, i hope she doesnt nosey in!!

    x x x
  • Morning!

    My DH bought one for me as a silly present for Xmas, since we had agreed to start trying in Dec and I had been having a flick through and left it on my coffee table, only for my dad to appear and see it! He didn't say a word and I moved it as fast as i could (when he wasn't paying attention of course). My excuse was going to be that hubby bought it as a joke and was hinting! Thankfully I didn't need to use it!

    Hope he keeps quiet!

    L xxx
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