CD????? *update*

well after that bleeding yesterday just b4 my appointment...ive had nothing else so do i count that as cd1 or do i have to carry on long cycle?


Still nothing other than a bit of brown streaked cm and now cervix is high open and wet?! so what do i do am i ov or am i now cd3????

I really need to work this out quick cause if i am ov then i can't have the lap & dye thing done next week as it has to be done in the 1st part of ur cycle so as to not disturb any pg that is occuring????


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  • Morning hun

    Did you have a full flow with red blood? Or was it just spotting?

    K xx

  • Red blood on my knickers and when i wiped but nothing through out the day on the pad other than a little spot of brown.
  • I would say class that as CD1 honey. I am not 100% sure but if it was red bull and enough of it, more than just spotting them I would say that would be CD1

    K xx

  • yeah i think i will. still no blood or spotting but i just checked my cervix low and open. xxx
  • Maybe i might sound dumb but how on earth do you check your cervix apart from the obvious but how do you actually know?
  • U would check inside ;\) and it feels a bit like the end of ur nose depending on where u r in ur cycle :\)
  • Sounds beautiful !! Job for the OH lol !
    Think ill give that one a miss !!
  • lol thats probably best its not overly reliable as i think many women on here will vouch. x
  • it's so annoying when she doesn't start! I have had just a bit of darker cm and got excited but then nothing since...booo!!!!!
  • i know i've had the darker cm b4 but nothing happened yesterday was the 1st time i've had proper red blood (sorry tmi) so fingers crossed af comes in the next few days.

    Was gonna test and see but there seems to point if cervix is open.
  • ohh sing with me.....let it flow, let it flow, let it flow....(to tune of let it snow)

    Think I'm on about cd76ish i lose count!! do you think it counts as an af if you just have a small amount of red?? Or would you need to wait for a full on one? I assumed I wasn't ov but it sounds like moomin has so maybe hmmm confusing
  • see i wouldn't classify it as a period as i've had nothing else than a bit of blood yesterday where as previous periods have been really heavy?!

    Went to the toliet a minute okay and i now have quite a bit of clear cm so wondered whether this is maybe ov as cervix is open and then blood might have been trapped in the neck of the cervix (can u tell i'm trying to rationalise testing?!)

    Its so much harder having long cycles as u have no idea where u r.....but maybe ur right if moomin has ov'd then there's hope for us!!!
  • CD1 is the first full day of blood. if I get a bit of blood on a thursday night for example then I cound the friday as the first day so long as it's flowing rather than spotting. I rarely get spotting (tend to just get a full flow from the start) but when I have had it I have never counted it as the first day.
  • Hi Lilac,

    I am having same dilemma as I had a couple of days last week when I had fresh red blood about 3 times when I wiped but that was it! So really not sure if that was af or not...
    As I was waiting for af to be able to start pcos tests I booked the cd4 bloods anyway and had them on Monday. It's so annoying though when you aren't sure. Am now worried I am getting an infection too as I have odd cm. Sucks image

  • It might come back! Some have split days of bleeding. Hope it sorts itself out. xx
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