6dpo... paint taste?!

Im 6dpo- I have the weirdest taste in my mouth today- it just wont go away!
Its like paint???! i think?! i cant really describe it? but it made my tea taste rank this morn and its still here now!
Could this be a symptom?! Do you get them this early after ov??
To be honest I don't really have any other symptoms at all- I did have the teeeeeniest tiniest bit of pink cm after we did a bit of BD'ing last night- (just for the fun of it hehe!) which I never ever get- could this mean anything?
Its only month 1 for us so not really sure if most of this is in my head>?! (so much for the laid back aproach!!) :roll:

Oh and also had headaches for the last 3 days



  • Could it be a metallic taste? Like sucking coins? Also my friend got "bleeding" after bd'ing when she didn't know she was pg. Don't want to get your hopes up, but it sounds positive. xx
  • Mmm not sure? Its such a strange taste that I cannot describe it but come to think of it yes its like a metallic taste- its over powering everything I eat!
    Ooh I really don't want to get my hopes up!!
    Yes the pink stuff after BD was strange too- there was hardly anythere it was sooo light pink but OH defo saw it as he noticed it first!
    Aghhh its going to be a long week!


  • Try no to think about (yeah i know, this isn't possible) but try and do something in the evenings that will take your mind off it and keep busy at work in the day and it will fly by. Good luck.
  • if it is a metallic taste then that sounds good!

    fingers crossed for you xxx


  • i got a strong metalic taste in my mouth a week or 2 after coming off the pill, but it only lasted about a day...AF showed up not long after though..:evil:
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