Other vitamins??

Hi Ladies

I have been reading up on vitamins when trying to TTC and some say take Zinc and Omega 3 as well as folic acid, is anyone else taking anything else apart from folic acid? with my DD I just took folic acid and that is it.

I am on pills as I have a under active thyroid so if I do take anything else I have to ask the doc whether it is ok.

Gem x




  • Hi Gem,

    I took just folic acid on its own for 3 months and then I switched to taking Pregnacare which is a multivitamin. I would say my diet isn't as healthy as it could be and although multivitamins are no substitute for a healthy diet, I thought they probably wouldn't do me any harm! And they still have the right amount of folic acid in them. The tablets are pretty big though!

    Mrs G xx
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