Could it be???

Well, havent been on here for ages! We started trying last December and i think i prob had a very early miscarriage in June but we've kept trying.
So periods have come pretty much like clockwork until the miscarriage in June when it went back by a week. I was due to start my period this Thurs just gone, and still, nothing (its now Saturday night).

My fertlle days came and went and for the last week and a half I've been getting cramping here and there, feel like Im losing the plot and felt quite tired in the evenings which is rare for me. From what Ive read cramping can mean you've had a miscarriage but it can also mean your body's preparing for baby.

I know its very very very early and even if I am pregnant, it could easily miscarry, but don't know what to do with myself, Im trying to keep calm but also trying to subdue underlying excitement!! aagghh!

Any tips for how to try and distract yourself?! We want to wait at least a week just in case my period is just running late so prob test this Thurs coming.

Also any methods or other symptoms (apart from the obvious sickness) that I could look out for?



  • hey hun, sory about your m/ could mean your pr but as im sure your aware a missed af could be caused by anything, i wouldnt be able to wait to poas, good luck hun hope its a bfp..keep us informed xx

  • Thanks for replying, after I read it we thought well what the heck, we might as well do it now rather than wait any longer. Had a spare test at home so very nervously took it, was positive! It was faint line but still a line!
    We're going to do another in a few days time, then if thats still positive we'll book an appointment at the doctors and go from there!
    Man I've waited a long time for this!!!! Thanks for replying, I would still be waiting if I hadn't read it!
  • yay congrats! hope the lines are nice and dark when you test again.
  • Hi Cupcake,

    Congratulations huni! That's fab news image Have a h&h 9 months!!!

  • awesome, hun.
    Am so happy for you. Here is to a happy and healthy 9months.

  • wow, read teh first bit yesterday, didn't see the update, congratulations hun wow wow wow, have a h & h 9 months xxx
  • congratulations lovely here is to a happy and health 9 months... bet your sooo excited xxx
  • congratulations!! xx
  • thanks everyone! am going to test again Tuesday then go to Doc's, hope everything goes well, bit scared Im gonna eat something I shouldnt and it all go wrong! But Im probably just worrying abnormally! x
  • Congrats hun, hope everything goes well xx
  • Congratulations sun

    Chuffed to bits for you.

  • Just to update, I took another test today and it was positive with a big fat line!! Can relax a bit now, just waiting for app with doc then to midwife and then no idea! Wow, this is my first time, I have no idea what to expect so Im sure Ill be asking all of you lovely gals more questions in the very near future!
    Thanks for being so lovely! xxxx
  • SOOOO happy for u hun xxx
  • congrats, come on over to due in july!! x
  • Congratulations x
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