hello all
i am new here so hello! we got married in May and decided we would start TTC after the wedding, although have not been trying 'properly' yet as we kind of wanted to have a slight breather and enjoy being married for a bit first. (well, OH initiated this more than me as i am mad keen and broody as a very broody hen!) still, we have had unprotected sex (not really at the right times though!) and knew there was a chance of me getting PG, but just expected it not to happen till we start trying properly (planning to do that as of this month).

but......i just did a test because i am at least a couple of days late, based on my longest cycle since coming off the pill in Feb (it's been between 27 - 30 days since then). have had period type cramps since monday, been v tired in the evenings, and had more CM than normal although not loads but definitely enough to be noticeable.

was so disappointed to get a BFN! so was OH, which is actually quite nice as i thought it was just me that was mad keen and he was less so. we both really thought i might be PG because i am late etc, but it must be my cycle being irregular or stress from work or something.

i did think it would be a bit unfair to get PG if we're not even properly trying yet, knowing how many people try for a long time. still disappointed though, and frustrated, wondering where on earth AF is! had started to wonder if i was stopping AF coming by wanting to be PG so much! is that even possible, to delay AF by hoping it doesn't come??!! i'm also hoping there are no actual problems causing AF not to come?

so anyway i am joining all the lovely ladies on here who are waiting for AF/hoping all is ok down there/looking forward to TTC next month etc. good luck to you all, and sending lots and lots of PMA



  • Hi and welcome. Good luck with ttc, im hoping that af doesnt find me this month, but it is only out first month ttc so id be very lucky if she didnt, but heres hoping
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