Things looking up for me

Since the accident I have realised that I should stop being so miserable. These past few months I have had a sore face on me like nobodies business and Im done with it. I feel a lot more relaxed and happy in general that I really think we have a better chance of conceiving this month. Not only that but OH is finally on the same page as me and really wants a baby now and is more commited. We have already bd on cd 7 and 9 and plan to continue every other day. This may be a little tmi but i feel sexeir and think its because oh wants to bd more and is paying more attention.
I feel great and am soooooooooo happy at last
fiona x x x :lol: image imageimage


  • Really pleased for you hun, hope that this will be your month. Good luck!!!
  • That's really great. xx
  • That sounds much healthier!! I also felt much more 'in the mood' so to speak once we had started ttc and it has made our relationship even better. Feeling happier can only make things better, it will even make any bfn easier to take (but hopefully you won't have any of those!!!)

  • Thankyou, I think because I have had so many bfns It doesnt bother me so much, I want month 7 to be our month x x x
  • sound like this moth you????re really having fun babydancing!! good for you!! hugs xxx
    hope u get your bfp soon!!
  • Hi Fiona

    I'm hoping that month 7 is our month too. It has to be our turn now! Hope we both get BFPs this time. I'm in a similar situation in that OH is also now more into TTC so hopefully that will help us both.

    Good luck x
  • oh honey that is good news!!
    i really feel a positive attitude can make all the difference!!!
  • Great PMA, keep it up and your BFP will be with you in no time.
  • Keep your PMA up and you never know this could be your month.x
  • Thanks girls. It definatly hasnt helped ttc when I have been so down and OH not commited. We BD again today so I feel so hopeful!!!!!!!!!! hehe really excited cant wait to get a BFP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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