i wanna test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought i was doing so so well resisting POAS, as i'm not due af till monday.
I've not been symptom spotting either but have noticed ive been a bit more grumpy recently.
Now I really wanna go buy a test and POAS!!!!!!!!!!

I'm supposed to be waiting till sat as its my birthday (and I'm still waiting on that sign of yours fudge!?!) but i want to know NOW!!!!!! I have every confidence it will be a BFN, so i dont know why I'm even bothering, but my poor OH may have to straight jackt me at some point soon...... just till Sat of course image

Help me stay away from the shops please ladies - but it was pay day today too!!!!! ARGH! :lol:



  • Don't do it girl just think if you do it now it's early and if it says BFN then you will only still be wondering till you do it next week. I tested at 11DPO and I really wish i had not as know i know i am not preg.

    You can do it honey stay away from the tests..... walk away........hide them.......


    K xx

    It's not worth the money anyway cos i'ts WAY too early to get a BFP (slight exaggeration there!!). Wait til Saturday or maybe Sunday - don't want a BFN on your birthday.

    Good luck and hope you have a great birthday.


  • Don't do it. Wait until after your birthday if you can. Be strong!

    Put a note opposite your loo that says I WILL NOT TEST YET to strengthen your resolve. K-Lou is right: BFN are not fun and you don't want to see that around your b'day just because you've tested too early. x
  • ooh so tricky, af for me is due monday too! was convinced of bfn, as had cramps, had smear done today because thought bfn, but cramps have gone! payday for me tomorrow, am resisting, nearly text hubbie to go and get tests, but will wait... have decided i will wait until af is due, and test if it doesn't. Keep thinking if i don't test there is alwasy hope?
  • i know, and i even arranged for the new mobiles to arrive today so i had something to take my mind off it.... if it can make it to 5pm then im safe coz i have to work later... (but its lifting really heavy things so part of me wonders if i should test in case i am then tell work...?) but then theres always tomoz - and we have to go to boots to get nappies anyway......

    *needs wahhhhhhh emoticon* :lol:

    Were supposed to be going out for a meal on my birthday (and to see SATC) so i could do with knowing (in an ideal world) if it was BFP/N for then so i could have a drink or not.....

    Itss soooooooooooooo hard!

  • You know it;s best to test in the mornings anyway so you should not really test today image

    I would drink anyway it's way too early to cause any problems if you are pregimage i am out with work tonight and I have not drunk for two months!! I still don;t think i am preg but i am going to have a couple of drinks image

  • I tested after swearing I wouldn't: BFN. Damn
  • I'm trying to hold out til Sun/Mon too. Thought it would be easier but God it's hard. My af is due Sun so should wait til Mon if i'm being very sensible but time is realllllllllly dragging. I've been a bit more tired and had af type pain and cramps for a few days now. It's driving me mad. ARRGGHH!!!

    You are not alone!!!
  • Everybody but the tests down and walk away slowly. Do not look back, do not collect ??200 or maybe you could do that bit! Be strong girls. Find something to do to occupy your minds, i know you can do it. Good luck for the weekend. Sxx
  • go ahead and test you know you want to!! hehehehe
    plus its payday and if bfn you can test again when af due.
    sorry bad filo!!
    Filo x
  • The final couple of days are the toughest in the 2ww. I would wait to Saturday if I was you, but Im too sensible.

    Good luck and hope you get your bfp soon.
  • dont test!!! i tested today bfn!!! i should have waited till mon too!!! woops, b strong hun xxxxx

    not long to wait now, so dont do it!
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