Oh bloody hell im not outta the race yet!!!

Ok....am on day 21 today of a normally 34day cycle....had a load of EWCM again today only this time cramps and a stitch pain in my right side that goes through to my back...so thought bugger it il do a opk and lo and behold a big stinking positive!!! No mistaking it the test line is 2 shades darker than the control...so looks like im oving right now!!! Oh still has man flu so have hatched a plan to suprise him whilst hes asleep tonight, gota keep it spontaneous havent i!!! Woohoo its not over til the the red lady sings, yey!!! kim image image image


  • Hooray!! Yeah, jump on him whilst he's asleep so that he's, ahem, raring to go before he's woken up properly - then he'll HAVE to follow through, no matter how ill he's feeling! Good luck. xx
  • WhooHooo Kim!!!! I'm sure your dh will be delighted, the man flu will suddenly disappear!!!!x
  • WhooHooo Kim!!!! I'm sure your dh will be delighted, the man flu will suddenly disappear!!!!x
  • Go for it!!!!Good luck!!!!
  • Thanx for ur replies girls!!! How exciting.....im guna spring it on him in the middle of the night...hel be putty in my hands then lol!
  • Yay, get hold of that man and make some babies hun! Have fun.
  • Excellent told u not to right this month off!!xxxxx
  • ooooooo good luck woomummy, go get your man image

  • go for it kim!

    how have you been? aint seen you on here for a while.

    Kerry xxx
  • Well mission accomplished...more like this morning, but should be ok as + on opk was only yesterday.....so now i sit and wait...and if any of u know me by now im not good at that!!!

    Hey kerry, hows u hun?? Im gd had no internet so been away but its bk so, so am i!!! Hows the bump cant be long now can it, bet ur so excited!! xxxxxx
  • im 28+2 now. started getting contractions a couple of weeks ago, so taking it easy at the moment. midwife said shes head down already but not quite engaged yet.

    think im more stressed than excited tbh.got so much to do before she arrives.

    keeping everything crossed you get your bfp soon, you deserve it.

    kerry xxx
  • Wow how quick has that flown by!!!! only 3months to go then thats crazy!!! Oh no hopefully she stays in for a couple more months yet, where u early with the other 2?? Just try to keep calm altho im a fine one to talk im a total strss head too!!! Thanks hun, im really hoping we succeed sn.....cant believe its taking so long, im sure itl happen when its meant to xxxxx
  • i went into labour with my second at 34 weeks but they stopped the contractions. but she was very impatiant and came 2 weeks early. think this little madam in me is going to be as eager to get out as her big sis.

    kerry xxx
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