Hi im new to this and would really like some advice please...

i have a 4 year old boy and would really like to have another after 4 failed atempts im scared to temp it again this really would be the last chance because cant put myself through this again. problem is i get hyperemisis really severe morning sickness and need 24 hr looking after and lose alot of weight really dont no what to do.......x


  • hi, speak to your doctor as there are certain things they can do to help with morning sickness, good luck xx
  • hi i have had 5 pregnancies and its got worse each time x
  • Hi Kimlou

    My sister had this and was told the more she had the worse she would be. I would agree with deballen and speak to your doctor to see what precautionary measures you can take to try and keep it under control or get thier advice as to what to do.

    Good luck xxxx
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