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Think i have a BFP but really need some help/advice!

Hi all,


I'll try to be really brief. This month i bd'd on the Tue and Sun of the week i ov but didn't get to bd on the wed, thur or fri one of which is when i'm pretty sure i ov'd (going by ewcm) so i thought we'd done it too early and too late!

Anyway AF was due on Wed or Thur this week, and i know i'm naughty but i did an asda test on Mon, BFN. So then i just waited for AF to arrive, but it didn't. Last night i had excruciating pains which woke me up so this morning i tested, only waited about 2 mins and threw it in the bin. BFN. When i went back to the bathroom about an hour later i couldn't resist another look, 2 pink lines!! So i know you can't read them after 10 mins but i got Monday's BFN test out the bin and still nothing, completely blank!

Now puzzled i grabbed the last tesco test i had in the house and did it, and a very very very very faint pink line came up in the right window. What do you reckon, am i???

Also what test can i go and buy today that is super sensitive, and do i have to wait until tomorrow morning now? Will a CBD work yet do you think?

Sorry for the garbling! XX


  • it sounds like a BFP to me! you could try a first responce or asda own brand they are sensitive. a line is a line, and somthimes they dont show up for 5-10 mins so as you didnt look after 2 mins it more than likely came up within the time limit! so congratulations!!!!!

    ashy x
  • A line is a line. I would recommend SD or FR as they are the most sensitive. A CBD might not show up yet.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • I had a similar situation look at my post *is this my bfp?*

    Get a clear blue digital! I had vv faint lines as u will see on picture but cbd came up straight away! Good luck!
  • id would try a fr or an asda own.
    do the test and wait 5 minutes
    it does sound promising tho, how exciting!!!! xxxx
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