CD 34 and still no af but BFN

Hi Girls

Been away in cornwall since friday and really missed coming on here.
Well its day 34 and af havent showed up yet, god knows were i am.
My cycle was 36 days last month as it was 1st af after mc, but before mc majority of cycles were 32 days.
Hope she dont take long to turn up so we can focus on next month as i really dont think we done it this month.
Ive tried 3 first response and all BFN so just think shes running a bit late.

Hope you are all well



  • hi im on day 26 of 29 but dont be down u could still be pg. my son is 12 now and i did 6 tests all bfn and 4 doctors testa bfn still no af went for scan 10 weeks pg . i now have 5 month daughter concived 2 months after a mc. trying for number 3 but tested with f/r bfn but im still hopefull. its not over till af comes x
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