????symptoms continue!!!!

So then, the saga goes on. Apart from the nausea, sore swollen boobs, metalic taste, off foods, heaving at smells, bloated ... Last night wasin bed at 9, so tired woke up at 12 forthe loo and a drink, but was pooring a juice & had a strange feeling then went dizzy and passed out briefly! Today have been nausous all day, & heaving!!!!
I'm so confused, due to test on Monday but now tempted to test tomorrow.....


  • OOOO these symptoms sound promising. How can you not test lol. On the other hand, my symptoms are the same as yours but im still getting a BFN with AF 20 days late. Fingers crossed for you hun.
  • thanks babymonkey just replied to you on your post! Fingers crossed we will both have our BFPs, I want to test but scared!!! Best wait till morning.x
  • When is your af due star ?
  • Yes hun. I just read it and answered it lol.
    Test with your FMU and good luck. Let us know how it goes.
  • Hi Emzyv, I'm due at on Monday, was really trying to hold out....

    May have a go in the morning...ERM aghhh!!!
  • Poor you for feeling crap - but I am exactly the same (I've even almost been sick in my mouth) plus having spotting - like you I'm not due to test until Monday either - perhaps we can distract each from POAS until Sunday, oh ok, Saturday... well maybe tomorrow with FMU image image image ??!!!!

    What do you mean I have no will power image :roll: :lol:

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  • Hi mrsJules74! Its frustrating isn't it? Oh your vomit in the mouth thing doesn't should pleasant...would welcome some distraction! But may have to POAS in the morn & then again on Saturday! LOL
  • Hi star27, just wondering if you did POAS???
  • Hi LisaD, yeah did POAS BFN! Think it was too early though, will have another go at the weekend.xxx
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