Where is SLOW?

Not seen her for a while... or she is on hols and I missed this?!


  • I have been thinking the same. Hope she is doing o.k.
  • She went to Croatia for a week, on 30th May. xx
  • Ah. Lets hope she comes back with a little extra something.
  • Part of her post........ I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY. YIPPEEEEEEE
    Well i'm off to Croatia tomorrow for a week so i won't speak to any of you for a litle while. When i land in Gatwick next Sat i then fly straight up to Edinburgh for one of my dh cousins weddings so we're stopping up there for a couple of days for our wedding anniversary on the 9th. It's gonna be a fab week, 8 of us in a villa. As i'm not pg lots of drinking and relaxing and sunbathing, i can't wait.
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