Where is AF?

Oh i am feeling so sad today. I always have reg cycles between 27/28 days before and after i was on pill. For some unknown reason i am here today on CD30, approx 16dpo (i didnt use OPK) and 1 miserable BFN. :cry:

Now what do i do? Do i hope i have ovulated later? What if i didnt ovulate at all? Would i have to wait to ovulate again to get AF? :\?



  • Its so hard isn't it - our bodies are playing such cruel tricks on us!
    I would wait another couple of days and if no AF, test again. What is your Dr like? Could you ask to get a blood test?
    Chin up honey, I know its hard tho and I am in exactly the same position as you this month, albeit a few days behind.

  • It's not over until af arrives! Bfp's can take time to show up. Try keeping up that PMA. Good luck, and fingers crossed. Sending you some baby dust too. xx
  • thanks ladies xx
  • Any news on af LadyD
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