CD 14

anyone want to join me? Also still fairly new on here do you count the first day of your period as your first chartered day?


  • Hi there. Im CD16 so not far off. Yes its from the first day of your period. Do you know when you usually ov? I should be today but I dont use opk but might try them next month if im still here.
    How long have you been trying?

    Good luck xx
  • Hi baby love well we got married June last year, I wanted to come off the pill then but DH wanted to wait a bit longer so I came off the pill in Oct. We have had problems with him being unable to ejaculate in me, but that seems to resolved itself, although I posted earlier that he wasnt able to do the BD this morning image was gutted My periods were really regular and would always expect aft at the beginning of each month, however this month it came 10 days later than expected, I put that down to stress. We were very anxious re his condition, been to see councellors fertility clinic everything so maybe thats what it was. We BD last night then tried to this morning but no avail! Funny though I told a porky pie and told him I had got a positive on my OPK and it was only then he wasnt able to BD with me. So my thoughts are that it was the stress of thinking he had to perform, what do you think>? I hope to get a positive any day and when I do I wont be telling him! although he reckons he will know, how long have you been trying babylove?
  • Oh im going to bump up a threat I posted a couple of days ago about our OH.

    We have only just decided to try for number 3. I have a 10year old and had a girl last June so dont want another large gap. I my be in for a shock if I dont fall quickly as DS was unplanned and DD I fell the first month. I know it could take ages but im hopeing it doesnt.
    I think we may be out this month anyway as OH has hurt himself and we couldnt bd last night and may not be able to tonight either :cry:

    Im going to find this post now. Have a read xx
  • I see you found it first :lol:
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