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i'm on cd32 uptil yesterday bfn on cheapy tests, being feeling sick for nearly a week now and this morning was sick, have painful boobs, very tiered and lots of headaches (got these wheni was preg in january). Due to mc in feb and chemical preg in april i'm swinging between being full of pma and having none. Pre mc my cycles were 29 days long, but i've only had one since mc so last cycle was 50+ days, this month i think i ov'ed around day 16ish. when i got my bfp in jan i was 1 and a half weeks late, I have been taking agnus castus this month to help sort my cycle out, what do you ladies think, is there still a chance i might be pregnant or have i just gone mad altogether???


  • Hey hunny, didnt wana r&r but just wanted to say all your signs look really good!!! What cheapy tests are u using....because they have only just started to give me a hint of a bfp even tho tesco and first response give me strong ones.....and im on cd35 today....so id say pop out and mb get a more expensive test, u never know!!! Goodluck hunny!!!! xxxxxxx
  • Dont think youve gone mad. I think there is a chance and perhaps there just isnt enough hormone being produced yet for the test to pick up.When I had lo she was an accident and I didnt test til 18dpo and got a number of bfps on hpts but the hospital lab test on fmu at 20dpo came back negative, so it can take quite a while to show. Perhaps I should have thought about this before testing yesterday afternoon at 8dpo-bfn-duh!!!!!!!
    Hope this gives you a bit of hope. Good luck!!xx
  • thanks laies i'm using ebay cheapies but i might get a first response on the way home from work tomorrow. I've been trying to convince myself that i am one minute then trying not to get my hopes up the next.
    How are you doing kim???
  • im ok hun....my hcg levels came bk low....so had my 2nd lot of bloods done 2day....so will find out 2moz if theyve gone up...am crapping myself tbh really dont think i could go through losing another one, want this so bad....just have a feeling of dread...trying my hardest to be positive just cant seem to get around being able to have a successful pg at the moment....

    i would def get a fr test it came up in 60seconds and really clear even tho it was a faint line, so splash out on it hunny xxxxx
  • I was wondering if I should get a better test as I have been using cheap ebay ones and keep getting BFN. I am on CD35 after withdrawal bleed and have had loads of symptoms, but no BFP or AF! Maybe i should try a more expensive one - just in case!! I do realise though that it can tke a while for my body to settle so I am not getting my hopes up!!
  • i know it's hard but try and stay posistive kim, i'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hope things go ok
    lyndsay xx
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