Well tested just as I am due on tomorrow but got a big fat BFN!!!! :\?

I've had symptoms over the last few days... Extremely Sore (.)(.) and also needing to wee a lot and I'm extremely tired!!

Do you think that I should test again in the morning with FMU??

Trying to keep the PMA girlies so any advice i would be grateful for....

Baby Dust to all xx


  • hiya, how many DPO are you? i would say leave it a couple of days and then test again, your symptoms sound good tho! how long have u been trying? xxxxx
  • I agree with *me*. What test did you use? Its not over till af comes xx
  • Hi Both,

    I used a SD early test....
    *me* - I am 14 DPO, me and the OH have been trying for a few months.... I just seem to get my hopes up every month and then the AF Witch comes.

    Im hoping tho that this month is our month. xx
  • awww fingers crossed this is ur month then hun! yeah do a test i a couple of days, maybe with FR? good luck, let us know! xxxxxxxx
  • With my DD I didn't get a bfp until 16 DPO and it was very faint. I was a poas addict so was testing tons! I tested at night at 15DPO and less than 12 hours later tested the next morning with FMU.
    I would test again tomorrow with FMU cause that can make all the difference.

    Good luck image
  • Thanks *me* I will try again in a couple of days.

    Thanks Hun xx
  • Thanks mn88
    my OH wants me to test again in the morning with FMU...
    Its going to be a long nite lol xx
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