Good things about not being pregnant yet........

I'm surrounded by friends who are new mums, friends who are just about to be and friends who have just had BFPs - none of my female friends at the moment are not pregnant or new parents. All I'm hearing is excited baby and pregnancy chat at the moment and although I am really glad for them it can all get a bit too much. So I keep trying to think up good reasons for not being pg yet....

1. I can still eat shellfish
2. I can still eat rare steak
3. My boobs don't leak at random times (or at all really:lolimage
4. I don't have to buy new clothes that I can only wear for a short amount of time.
5. I can have a gin and tonic when I feel stressed.
6. I can take medication for my hay fever.
7. I don't have to pee every 5 minutes.

Does anyone else do this? I know all of these things are fairly trivial but it helps me a bit -in fact the first thing I do on the night of getting a BFN is pour myself a nice cold G&T (hopefully won't have to do this for too much longer though!!



  • I do this.
    Good reasons for me not being pg yet is:
    1. I prefer to have a summer baby
    2. we dont have any spare money this year to buy my mat clothes, stock up on pregnacare and treat myself to massages and hair cuts!
    3. I can take medication for my hayfever
    4. I can wear all my pretty clothes that Ive bought for summer
    5. I can put all my energy on my daughter who is going through the dreaded terrible 2's atm
    6. I dont feel guilty for eating whatever I like
    7. I dont feel extremely tired
    8. I dont feel extremely uncomfortable because Im carrying an extra 2stone
    9. I dont feel anxious abt giving birth
    10. Im not snappy and grumpy and a right bitch!! lol
  • NO SPD!!!

    Having to get out of bed when i am comfortable for a wee!!!

    No sore boobs

    Not restricted during sex. lol!!!

    No swollen ankles!

    No sore ribs!

    I can breathe when i sit down!

    Easier to

    I can!!!

    My god my pregnancy must of been bad...hahaha!!!

  • Oh god - this is my first and you're putting me off :lol:

    It's good to hear other people do this too!
  • I can have stilton toasties.
  • I didn't want a christmas baby anyway - too expensive, mid year much more cost effective!

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  • Oh oh I have some

    No smelly nappies
    No having to stay in
    I can still work on my figure
    I can still sleep on my tummy
    My back only hurts once a month
    I don't get offered labour horror stories at every turn
    I can still enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner
    I don't have to stress that my house is really too small for a baby
    I don't have to worry my maternity pay will not cover the mortgage
    I can still be critical of others parenting skills (lol)
    I still have control of my bladder
    I don't have to worry about my boobs looking like empty socks!

    This is a good feel good board, it has certainely put a smile on my face!
  • double post sorry!

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  • Loving this post! WEEGIE, I;m in exactly the same position as you and it's really brightened my day after feeling a bit low this weekend! I think I'll go and have a gin and tonic...because i CAN! Thanks girls your all great!

  • I have a few:-

    1. Can have long lie ins whenever I feel like it.
    2. Don't need to upgrade car at the moment to fit everything in.,
    3. Can go out at the weekend with dh without having to think about the cost of a baby sitter.
  • Sorry for crashing your thread, I am 32 weeks pregnant and would say the following are things you should not take for granted before getting pregnant, these are teh things I am eager to get back:

    You dont cry at EVERYTHING
    You dont feel like a minger
    You can eat brie etc
    You can see your own lady bits and dont have to rely on others to do waxing
    You dont spend every waking hour worrying about stretch marks
    You dont feel like you husband thinks your a webble
    You still have a regard for logic
    You can eat proper poached egg and peanut m&m's
    You can walk more than 100m without feeling breathless
    You can have sex without stress
    You can drink what you want
    You can buy nice summer clothes
    Cuddle time with hubby (not easy with a huge bump)
    Proper nights sleep (the bigger you get the harder it is to sleep and rolling over becomes a mammoth task)

    Roll on the 22 July!
  • Loving these girls and glad I'm not alone - sleeping's a good one, as is the money, poached eggs, going out at the weekend, and of course being able to breath!! In fact, do I really want to ttc anymore at all.

    Only kidding - OV tomorrow so it's about time all of the above go out of the window and I start the dreaded 2ww!!
  • Me and dh can go out and come back when we want to!
  • Freedom!!! Go out, stay out, go on holiday, all whenever we want!!

    Being able to nip to the shop and back in one minute flat, rather than the half an hour it takes to pack up and the baby stuff!!!

  • Weegie - you aren't from Glasgow by any chance?

    A fellow scot.
  • How did guess? Wouldn't have been my username by any chance?
  • I think your name gave me a bit of a clue. Where abouts in glesga are you fae? Im originally from Penilee, then moved to Paisley, and have now lived in Birmingham for the last 6.5 years
  • GOD!!!!! Ive forgotten, is it really that bad lol.

    I would seriously not mind at all if I just got my BFP!!!!
  • Im sorry but im with you babymonkey i cant think of anything, i love everything about being pregnant, even giving birth! How are you babymonkey? xxx
  • oooooo im ok apart from my boobs feel as though they're going to explode, my mouth is watering like mad and I feel a bit queasy
    Not like im symtom spotting lol
  • Debbiemc, I forgot to ask hun. How are you.
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