Ov pain and ewcm, when did I ov?

Hey ladies, just wanted some opinions.

On tuesday I had EWCM, then wednesday and today it's more watery/creamy cm than ew. I had my normal ov pains this afternoon (I know it's ov pains as I've had it for years).

I've never temped or use OPKs so don't know when I usually ovulate. From the research I've done online women can have ov pains days before, a few hours before, when the egg is released, or afterwards.

Do you think that because I had ewcm 2 days ago I probably ov today or even in the past couple days? We've bd'ed every night the last 3 nights, and I'm very sore (I always get sore after so the fact that we've done 3 nights in a row I'm even more sore than usual). I was hoping to not bd tonight but thinking maybe I should just to be sure..

Tbh I will probably end up doing it anyway just to be sure so this is probably a pointless post lol. It will be nice to know what you think anyway.


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  • I would say you are ov today. I would be the same as you with EWCM about 2 days before ov pain. I think you prob have enough sperm ready for the egg if you dont BD but as you said you prob will anyway.

    Lots of luck and what a lucky OH you have :lol:
  • This frustrates me too! I have an ovulation period so i can't actually tell the exact day i ov'd!

    Just keep bd'ing really is the only advice i can give! I've got me a cbfm for next month!
  • Thanks ladies. We're going to give it a try tonight anyway, if I'm too sore than I will try to take comfort in the fact that we got it the last 3 nights.

    I'm using OPKs next month if it's a bfn. No question about that!
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