really silly question but really confused! Lol!

hey girls just a quick question about this site, you know when ppl have said see you in did and dij and so on where do they actually mean i know its due in dec and due in jan, is it just pregnancy they mean? Im prob being really thick and thinkin there is special chat rooms! Lol! Thanks you x x x:\?


  • Yeh i think it just means in the due in dec or jan chat room wen u know wen ur due u got to that month chat room till u have baby, then it changes to had my baby in dec or jan. xxjen
  • thanx hun but have no clue where them chat rooms are! Lol! Ill have a look, thanks again hun x x x
  • found it! Lol! Thank you x x x x
  • Are u due in jan then or dec?? congrats hun well done!! xx
  • in jan hun, but i only just found out what dij ment! Lol! I have tested early and supposed to be due af tomoro but hopefully will not be! Lol! I found out on tuesday and have been testing every day since, im so excited! Thanks hunni x x x
  • Hi Nic, which test did you use to get your early result? Thanks xx
  • Oh Congrats too, forgot to put that on the last message xxx
  • hi puddle duck! I did an asdas own on monday and the line was so faint you had to hold it up to light and hubby even struggled to see it, then i did a super drug test on tuesday which still had a faint line but a bit more visible, then tuesday night i did a clear blue digital and wasnt expecting it but got pregnant 1-2 weeks! Then have done i super drug test yest and today and the line is getting darker, so im still a bit worried as it has been early, but i have had all those bfps so hoping af does not arrive tomorro! Just want to enjoy it and not worry! X x x thanks for the congrats hunni!
  • hopefully be seeing you in DIJ nic, my Af also due 2moro and had some faint lines on superdrug tests past 2 days. just keeping my fingers crossed that i get a very bold line on a test in the next few days before i post my news!!!!
  • hey berly! Hopefully see you there! Sounds pretty hopeful if you have had faint lines! Woo! Let me know how you get on hun x x x
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