Tortured by my CBFM

My body is driving me mad! This is my first cycle of using my cbfm (or wee-pod as hubby calls it) i thought it had broken but the batteries had died over night and frigged the internal clock up, so instead of being able to test from 6am, its now 5pm. So i'm saving my fmu till then. Not sure how accurate it'll be but its better then wasting a box of test sticks! So i'm on CD15 (although not done the test for today yet) but i've only got highs so far, its driving me mad, even if i was getting highs and lows, at least i'd no it was working! I don't even mind if i don't get a bfp this month if i could just get a peak, just to confirm i was ov'ing, it would be such a weight of my mind. I was always afraid to use cbfm incase it showed i wasn't ov'ing, i've just never let myself think about what i'd do if i'm not. Generally my cycles are around 33 days, so ov could be a while away yet BUT surely i wouldn't be getting highs so early.


  • aw chick try not to worry on my first month using it i got 114 highs before i got my peak,having a cycle around the same length as you i didnt get a peak until 19 onwards,think the latest was cd22

    on my very first test it was a low and from then until me peak was highs followed by some more higs then lows until all 20 were used,it will use tho whole box the first month and poss the 2nd month

    i was also worried about not oving but it was just late in coming so hang in there chick xx
  • hey there, i used CBFM for first time this month and was having to save my urine until the evening. i had loads of high days and didnt ovulate until day 18 which i didnt expect thought it wud b a lot sooner!! my cycles are usually 27/28 days long so try not to worry. hope that helps xx
  • phew feel a bit better now,thanks ladies! just reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally unnerving. Luckily i stocked up on test sticks while they were on offer at amazon, so not going to run out!
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