I feel happy

Hi girls

Well after my very open email with you all about my hubby's sex drive or lack of it!!! last night went great. He was in the mood right away and there was no problems what so ever so feel really happy this morning. Plus on my check of my cervix sorry tmi, it feels very high i can hardly feel it and also my cm is changing a bit still not ewcm as yet but I am hoping this does mean i am ov. Thank god the pain on my left hand side is gone!!! That has been hurting me for two days now.


K xxxx


  • That's great hun! xx


  • Thats great to hear that your feeling happy now, keep filling up with pma and im sure youll get your bfp very soon. xx
  • Hooray!!!! Glad to hear last night went well and that your cervix is high, maybe you even did it! I've been checking my cervix this month but not writing it down so need to try better next month. Funnily enough I had some action too last night, LOL. DH worked really late and came straight to bed and bobs ya uncle. I'm super impressed as we did it Sun, Mon and then last night coz of him. Now he just has to aim for the middle of the month, LOL, good start though! You should try for some Saturday night fever, tmi sorry!!!!
  • Thanks girls, I just hope hubby can keep it up but i am much happier than i was yesterday. And it;s friday woo hoo

  • Im glad your happier this morning!!
    I am too as we also BD last night and OH was also in the mood right away. yay its friday and I hope we can keep it up too, so far so good, this has definatly been our most commited month yet xxxx
  • Thta great news Fiona it;s so funny now I think of all these other couple doing it the same time as us LOL what are we like!!!

  • i know its so strange I think in your other post yesterday that we both got none the night before. Have u had a see what mrs joo's magic 8 ball has for you yet? think you should see what answer you get!! xxxxxx
  • No I will be over on that post in a secondimage

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