1WW When Are You Testing?...

Hi my af is due 22nd feb so 1ww tomorrow really nervous as this is our 1st month TTC

When is everyone else testing???


  • Hi my af is due 23rd feb so i wont b far behind i prob test that day if i can hold out til then good luck hun x
  • 20th feb for me xx
  • Good luck ladies keep posted xxx

    babydust to all xxx
  • I'm not too sure when af is due since my cycles are always all over the place.. I think it's the 22nd Feb though, going to try to wait til then. Fingers crossed for us!

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  • Im due around 20th.
    Although its very tempting, Im going to wait until a couple of days after af is due. Dont want to see a bfn. So I save any disappointment and my money!
  • wish i could think the same as you joey08 i just cant help myself think im addicted to poas ha x
  • I have just over a week to go...due AF about 24th my periods aren't always regular but am going to do an early test on 20th or might wait till after af due.....just dont know if i can hold on that long!! xx
  • I think I'm also addicted to poas.. I tend to test way too early. I even know it's too early yet I do it just in caseimage
    Hopefully will hold out for another week.
  • im the same mn88 i know its going to be an early bfn but i just like the waiting bit just incase lol! only a few more days now xxx
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