am hoping to get down to some serious BD..... :p

heya all. just thought id waffle on and say that me and OH are going caravanning in a week for about 6 days so am hoping to get some serious Bd'ingd done lol. Im due to OV on the thurs so am really really hoping were lucky! god i want this so so so much!!!

anyone else planning a week of Bd'ING HEHE x


  • LOL thinking about your caravan wobblingimage

    It's BD weekend for us - I'm soooo excited!! We're off on holiday next Sunday, so I will be packing some preggy tests cos I can't wait until I come back to find out if we've been successful!!

    Wishing you tons of **babydust** and a lovely holiday!!

  • you too cherry! Hoping were both here soon announcing our BFP's! enjoy yourselves hehe xx
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