I'm new.. please help..

First of all I'm not familiar with all these abbreveations!! Can someone interperate??? I came off the pill about 3 monthes ago and have been trying since. Thing is I think I was due on 9 days ago.. When I say I think thats becasue 9 days ago was 4 weeks since last period which is when I started to keep a check.. But even if I'm a few days off it wouldnt be 9 would it??!! I've done 2 tests and both have been negative.. Is this normal??


  • hiya wlcome to the site i got a good welcome yesterday you should go see your doctor they will send a sample to the labs and get it propley tested my sister went thro the same and it came back she was 3 months and she bled whilest pregnant good look and welcome xxx
  • Hi whiskey, welcome to the site. As SB says, sometimes after stopping the pill the cycles can be a bit irregular...or a lot irregular! How long have your other cycles been? xx
  • Hello and welcome, there is a thread called abbreviations for newbies here somewere, try page 2 or 3.
    After I came off the depo jab it took 3months for my first af (aunt flow=period) and 3 months for it to settle, i got bfp (big fat positve) after 2 months. OH (otherhalf) thought it was his super sperm but unfortunately I had a smc (silent miscarriage) last week.
    Best of luck chick, we're all quite friendly here, I would do as suggested and go to the doctor just to be sure.

  • Hi and welcome to the site, as the others have said it may take you a month or two for your cycles to settle back down into a regular pattern. Hope they do soon. Good luck ttc. I looked for the abbreviations page yesterday for some other newbies but couldn't see it and ran out of time to look. Have a look back a couple of pages and you should find it.
  • Thank you all so much for your advice and for even answering. You all sound lush!!!
    I've made an app with GP for today but I'm gutted as Ive started to feel a bit crampy...
    We'll see x
  • AF is here.. I feel devestated..
  • Try to look at the positive whiskey. This is where it starts, of you beginning to understand your cycles! xx
  • I agree mithical. At least now it is here you can start counting your cycles and hopefully figuring out what is normal for your body. Good luck xx
  • hi whiskey15, welcome to the sight. im really sorry to here that your af started. i hate the fact we all get excited for nothing. keep going hun, the pill messes things up for us ttc, im in the same boat, iv had two periods this month, right through my ovulation, which messed it up for me. thats finished now but am still expierencing cramps and shouldnt be starting again for another week or so. no matter how hard i try not to get excited i do, it only takes a small possible chance for me to get pg and i get excited. keep us informed on how you get on chick x
  • hi hun didnt want to r and r (read and run) sorry to hear af found u but as the girls say, now you can start from CD1 (cycle day 1) good luck hun and lotsa baby dust xxxx
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