I know that there is probably no answer for this but does anyone have any ideas about how to "jump start" my periods! Later this week I will hit 50 days since I had a withdrawal bleed from ending my pill. I know that Angus Castus is meant to work but I also read on here that it is more for menopausal ladies.
Will try anything. Just feeling down about not being able to ttc. I know some people have had to wait over 100 days but I seem t have hit a low spot.
How long do I leave it before a doctor will see me without laughing at me.


  • Don't know I'm afraid hun, i just waited. I had a period 28days after my withdrawal bleed, so was thrilled that everything was back to nromal so fast. but it wasn't - I then had a 3month gap with no AF and no BFP. since then been reasonably reg, and 'normal' for me.
    Hope it comes soon!!
    PS you have testes haven't you, to make sure you're not alreay pg?!
  • ha. i would love to be preg.already but cannot imagine I am as we have used other protection since I finshed the pill.
    I just want to be able to track my cycle! I have downloaded the Clearblue tracker and it sitting there on my desktop laughing at me everyime I turn on my computer!
    Good luck ttc
  • feel your frustration mel. I had to wait 69 days after coming off the pill for my first af, then another 64 days for the next one! then i had 46 days and two of 38 days so we are getting closer to normality except that now im on day 42 with no sign of af, have no idea whats going on! af will come, honestly but i feel your frustration! x
  • I had the same problem a couple of years ago, doctor said to go for a long run or have ruff BD (tmi) i did both and got it the next day
  • Will try both today! Thank you.
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