I've run out, OMG what am i gonna do?!!!

Well still waiting for af to arrive on cd28 now and BFN this morning but i used my last hpt this morning. I've ordered some more today but they'll not be here for a few days. What am i gonna do i can't poas for 2 or 3 whole days!!!! I'm gonna be shaking by the time Wed gets here!!!


  • Where do you order your tests from hun?
  • Access Diagnostics. Normally quite quick delivery thank god!
  • ha ha how funny having to go cold turkey with the poas good luck with that hun either that or nip in to poundland 3 in a pack cheapy ones to tide you over xxx
  • Deep breathes-in out, in out, repeat after me, 'I do not have to poas every day'. Of course you could get some tomorrow am and save your fmu, but cold turkey may be better!!!!!
  • LOL you can do it honey just breath the days will fly by LOL

  • Deep breaths, in and out, in and out!!!!! Hopefully af will stay away and i'll get a nice suprise mid week, trying to keep up the PMA and so the witch stays away.
  • Sending loads of PMA, good luck!!!!!
  • Good luck SLOW! Are the tests from Access Diagnostics any good?
  • Oh ive used those ones. ??5.99 for 5. Normally next day delivery if you order before 11am and postage is free.
  • Morning, Hows the cold turkey going?
  • Morning,
    Not so bad although i did wake up thinking wheres the sticks wheres sticks then realsised and had to pee without them (TMI) lol !!!!! Still no af though whoo hooo!
  • Great that she hasn't reared her ugly head, good luck for a bfp when your tests arrive!
  • Good news so far SLOW. Hope she doesn't find you and maybe it's best to wait til a few days time anyway. . .

    GOOD LUCK!! xx
  • I was gonna offer to send you one of my many tests but a bit pointless as the ones youve ordered will reach you before then. fingers crossed for your BFP. xx
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