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depo injection

Hi my name is Kerry and I joined the site tonight. I have just come off of the depo injection and although I am getting serious period cramps I have not come on. I have light spotting twice in the last couple of weeks but nothing more. None of my friends have been on the injection so I have no one else to ask,is this normal. While i was on the injection I had a period every month so I thought when I came off of it things would get back to normal quickly. I was on the injection for 3.5years and none of the side effects were explained to me properly. Help!:\?


  • hi, i'm not sure how long it would take for you to conceive, but i thought it took a while on some people for periods to become normal, i only had it the one time so can't really say, but a friend of mine had it for a while but she never came of it. sorry i'm not much help am i!!!
    good luck
    michelle xx
  • thats ok thanks for trying.just been on the phone to my gp for some test results.apparently my prolactin levels are high which is causing the symptoms of morning sickness.done a ton of preganancy tests and all are negative so now im having a blood test to see if i am or not!
  • awww good luck, hope it's good news for you. do you have other children or will it be your first? you will have to keep me posted. xx
  • it will be my third.i already have a boy and a girl.what about you do you have any children?
  • yes i have a girl and 2 boys and 34+2 wks preg with another boy. they are driving me mad at the mo can't wait for school again!!!!!
  • same mine go back on tuesday,my little girl is starting full time so it will be strange. congrats on the pregnancy, i really hope it wont take to long to get pregnant if im not already.sometimes i wish i had never gone on the injection.
  • to be honest thats why i only ever had it the once it made me so moody and i nearly lost my job at the time so stopped it.
    my little lad starts half days in the mornings but he was going to early entitelment in the afternoons before, because his birthday is november he has missed the year, i just can't seem to get rid of him lol !!!!!!!!!!!
    you'll have to let me know if you are or not and if you ever fancy a chat i'm on here quite a bit, hopefully you are and you can join us in the pregnancy forum. xx
  • i know what you mean,my daughter gets her birthday on 15 september. as soon as i get the results i will let you know,its nice to talk to other women who are trying and already pregnant.thank you
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