2WW I Think Any1 else?...

Hi im kim and i have a 4 year old son already i thought it was about time i gave him a brother or sister as he turns 5 in june and at full time school and dont want to leave a too big age gap between them.

I think im in my 2ww as i usually have a 28 day cycle and im on cd 15 today but last month i had a 35 day cycle. So im just gussing really but it sounds better to say im in my 2ww lol!

Dont know if its too early but iv had some symptoms already;

1) wind
2) shooting pains down below
3) back ache
4) wet down stairs
5) had 3 dreams of a BFP

BUT... Could this just be me ovulating as ive never noticed this before? im abit confused....

I did a workout dvd yest and went swimming and swam 30 lengths then came home to do house work and when i lay in bed finally i was really aching down below and in my back and stomach. hope i havent done too much or damaged anything that was forming?

Has this happened to any1 else? Or is any1 else with me on their 2ww? I think my af is due 22nd feb so fingers crossed! xxxxxx
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