Smear while TTC?

Hello just wondering if some of you fellow crazy BDing people can advise!

I'm booked in for a smear on friday and wondered whether I should go or cancel, as been busy BDing this week when CBFM told us to and so will be about 6DPO.

Is this a good idea or am i risking messing up all our hard work this month?! hehe


  • hello

    a smear itself will not harm a possible pregnancy but being pregnant can affect the results of the test, i have had to wait 3 months post birth for mine as the hormones can affect the results, i would think at 6DPO it would be fine, you can ring the surgery for advice i am sure they would tell you if you needed to change it x
  • I had a smear a couple of months ago whilst TTC - warned them whilst I was there that I was TTC and they said it was fine, no harm to a potential bean at all, but to let them know if that was the month that we'd fallen pregnant as it ruins the results of the smear.

    As it happens they mucked my smear up so have to have another one this month... very annoying but well worth going, at least then you know everything is healthy (unless of course you get your BFP this month instead!)
  • I was once advised to do smears in the first half of the cycle. While there is not necessarily a risk if you were pg and something did go wrong you might blame having the smear. Just what my doc said x
  • Thank you ladies, i guess i'll turn up and see what they advise.
  • I was also advised to have my text before ov, whilst there wasn't any evidence that the test would cause any harm if you were in the very early stages of pregnancy, most women prefer not to. Thank fully I had my test done early before ov and fell pregnant that month. Good luck ttc!
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