Anyone come off the Coil ?

Hi all.

Am new on here and i will be having my coil out around the beginning of Dec,
am just looking to see if anyone else has had it out and then how did things settle down?
I have the coil which has no hormoane, and my periods are regualar (except for the 7 week stint of nothing just before i got married last month!) but am back to normal now.
Just wondered if anyone can share any tips as to when you have it out are you likely to bleed for ages and if you were sore (sorry if a little detailed) but am keen to know incase i want to do this earlier than Dec as i dont want to not "have fun" while on our honeymoon image

any tips or anything welcome xxx


  • Hi Gossip Girl I had mirena coil taken out sept 07 and I bled that day and a couple of days after like a normal period, that was mid cycle so I didnt have to wait very long for my next period either. We have been trying since november with no luck yet but I know it will happen as we already have a daughter. I didnt feel a thing when she took it out. I must say that when I had it in my cycles were 30 days long & period very light with no cramps only lasting a few days but now my cycles are anything between 25 and 43 days and are a lot more heavier and painful. Then again before I had lo they were like that. I wouldnt worry about how it will affect you when having the coil removed as you can get on to ttc straight away & u are fertile as soon as removed.
    I think things are starting to settle down now though as my last cycle was 31days long and Im beginning to learn when I ovulate!!
    Good luck x x x
  • Hi Fiona

    thankyou so much for your reply.
    Ive just found another website that now explains when im most fertile and all that - so really handy as its all rather confusing!!
    Am going to go to the Docs next week, as need to check when we need a booster for our honeymoon, & im going to ask if there are any vitamins or anything i could take prior to Dec.
    Since ive been on the coil my periods have lasted a week, and been so heavy, i was on the pill before but had to come off due to other medication i was taking for something else, but right now im taking nothing, which makes me feel great, plus my coil is the non hormoane one so its like i feel "myself".

    Really am not looking forward to having it removed, dont get me wrong i have no probs with my smears but i just remember how painful it was going in! it make me jerk and i headbutted the wall when i was laying on the couch lol !! wasnt expecting that "pinch" you feel !! and as for that cold jelly numbing cream they put in - did naff all !!
    the joys of being a woman ay!!

    Good luck my lovely, im sure you will be on soon sharing your good news image
  • Thanks Gossip Girl I hope so.
    Maybe our coils are different then as I didnt feel a thing when they went in or took it out. And my periods were hardly noticeable didnt even need tampons just pantyliners!
    I advise to take some paractemol just before you have it removed!
    It is all very confusing for everyone at first but you'll soon get the hang of it and maybe even know the tell tale signs for when you ov without using ov sticks like me! Not that I know the exact day but it definatly happened between wed and sun last wk!! LOL
    Good luck at the docs x x
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