AF cramping

Hi girls,

I'm not going to leave you just yet as still feeling really nervous and worried about all this, so sorry to continue to be a pain to you!

As you all know I've been having faint AF cramps for a few weeks, since before I got my BFP but today they've just stopped should I be worried?!!? :\?



  • u are a worrier arnt u beckywoo lol, im sure i will be the same when i get my BFP tho. AF type cramps are all very normall, try not to stress urself out about it too much hun, if ur that worried maybe phone nhs direct to put ur mind at rest? xxxx
  • I'm a HUGE worrier! I will panic over everything I reckon...

    It's not the cramps I'm that worried about it's the fact they've stopped now?!?!

  • ooo i see, yeah just read that back again. whens ur doc app again? maybe ask them to bring it forward coz ur worried? im sure all will be fne tho, sounds pretty normal to have on/off cramping xxx
  • It was yesterday and he said it's only really sever cramping that you should worry about, little or no cramoing is OK. Didn't reassure me that much though! Just wondered if it was common to stop around 4-5 weeks! xx
  • o ok thats not so bad then hun, my h2b is a worrier too, so im used to it lol xxxx
  • Don't worry about it hon; my best friend is pregnant (overdue in fact!) and had bad cramps when she fell pregnant. Hers stopped at 5 weeks and she raced to hospital thinking something had gone wrong...was told that the womb starts to get larger to make way for baby which is the early cramping. When it stops it means that its stopped adjusting for the moment. Some women feel them again as it starts up again (but so long as they aren't cripplingly painful or accompanied by blood then its fine) but a lot of women never get them again - until the labour pains kick in!! :lol:

    So you might get them again in a few days/weeks but they won't be severe. And if you don't get them again count yourself lucky! Looking back I also had them (though didn't know I was pregnant at the time, thought it was something I'd eaten!) and they stopped around 5 weeks as well, before I even got my BFP!

    I think I might need to drink a few more glasses of wine for you tonight image just to relax you, of course! xx
  • Oh thanks Garfield that's really reassuring to know. I thought something bad was happening to my body! I really must start relaxing ha ha.

    Your genorisity Grafield is astounding, thank you so muchimage xx
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