Need to let off steam!!

Hi all,

I told one of hubs friends girlfriends that I thought I could be pregnant last week as we text every day and I just wanted someone to confide in that wasnt in my family.

Anyhow just had a bit of an argument with her whilst texting and basically she puts me down saying I'm too stressed and make getting pregnant a science and that she wont be takin a leaf out of my book after her wedding when she starts trying.

Saying things to me like when she came off the pill last time that her cycles were regular and maybe instead of me thinking am pregnant that its just my cycles going irregular!!

Am sorry but I cant fecking believe this, so fecking what is it so bad that I want a baby, the chance to be a mother! am ragin and i text her saying look your more stressed over me being pregnant than I am, I admit I have been feeling crap last week or so but who wouldn't be. I just wish people would give me a break and not shove their lives in my face. :lol:

Sorry maybe a pointless rant but I cant believe she is being so nasty really, does she not think I have enough to worry about and am sorry but sometimes TTC does seem like a science and you need a degree in babymaking. She doesnt seem to grasp that it can take a while and everyone is different, she thinks she will get married, go off on hm and come back with a baby inside her and then she will just rub it in my face that she is pregnant.

Maybe am reading too much into it because my hormones are all over the place at the moment :lol:


  • Hi SD,
    Sorry to hear that she is not being very supportive, it is the last thing you need!
    I would try not to take it to heart too much as she really has not idea what she is talking about. Untill you start TTC you can't even beging to imagine what it will be like and how stressful it can become. Before starting TTC I liked to think that I would be all calm and that it would just happen 'when it does'!! We all know how different it is when you start and when she does jump on this crazy ride I am sure she will be texting you for advice!!!
    You have every right to be feeling a bit down in the dumps and we all understand that because we are all in the same boat, unlike text lady!
    I really hope you get your BFP soon
  • Does she know you have been trying for a while? If so thats really heartless. like Mrs Cake I would say she just really doesnt know what she's talking about, theres no excuse to be so inconsiderate though, I hope she realises with hindsight! x x
  • Hi SD....
    I used to be like that I could not understand what it is like until it happened to me ... try not to take it heart she just does not understand what it is like when it takes a while to get pregnant.
    She is insensitive but people just do not understand.

    She must be a close friend for you to confide in her so I hope you can sort things out.
    If not we are here to rant to!

    What is happending with you anyway ? soemtimes it is hard to keep up with all the posts on hre as it is such a lively forum!
  • hi it sounds to me like shes jealous that your doing it 1st and she'l soon realise once she starts ttc how hard it is. she seems to think its just gonna happen for her. i wouldnt bother arguing back with her just let her know that you need your friends to be there for you and if she cant be supportive then dont say anything at all. and when the time comes when she wants you to return the favour you know what to say lol. just remember theres always ppl here that know exactly what your going through. xxx
  • Thanks everyone, i did feel a bit bad today for posting this last nite but am on my own and hubby away so literally no-one to talk to.

    An update from me is I am now 4 days late, have ever increased colour changing CM, I rang the docs and got an appointment.

    I saw a lovely doctor who I have seen in the past and she understands what I have been going through since before xmas and has gave me 2 tests one she is testin for pregnancy and the other infection.

    She also wants me to go back and have my bloods done if I do get a period and I said to her I came here last month in floods of tears and was told off you pop, wait a year we cant do anything about it till then and she said we can do what we want and I want to get you sorted out, she said there is a very strong possibility that I am pregnant and that until it is confirmed by them I have to refrain from doing HPT's as they are just stressing me out.

    So ladies am going to hand the samples in tomorrow and she said I would know by Monday, I mean I know some people on here have waited a long time for af but I came off the pill 7 months ago now and was regular until Oct/Nov so last few cycles I havent really had a period I think if I had just come off the pill and not had a period she would have made me wait.

    Guess I will know either way for sure next week.

    Thanks for your support where would I be without you.

    My friend is a friend through hubbys friends we call ourselves the wags (wives and girlfriends) we are quite friendly and tend to tell each other everything but today I said to her I feel like you dont believe me and are judging me all the type she hit back at me saying I was hypocritical we have decided to draw a line under it.

    Hubby is fuming with me and her for being so insensitive and he is annoyed with me for telling her all our business so have had a right old telling off!!

    Anyway enough rambling and I will keep everyone on here posted, am still waiting in anticipation to find out what the hell is going on!!!

  • What a kind dr!! That is very lovely.

    Im so sorry that the skanky girl was so mean and still is being a weirdo as if you'd lie or try to be upset.

    At least you maybe wont have to see her if she is only a friend of a friend.

    x x x
  • Good luck SD!!
    I really hope it's your BFP!
    Let us know how you get on image
  • Hi SD
    Fingers crossed for you hun as I have read alot of your posts on here and I really hope you get you BFP you are not obsessed you are passionate about becoming a mummy and why not, its such a special thing ...go girl you show her!
  • Hi SD -

    I hope my doc is as nice if I have to go - have debating whether to or not the last few weeks?!?!

    I really hope you get ur bfp - this may sound daft but from what I know of you on here - I'd like you to get a bfp!

  • Aw thanks Princess85, am just feeling so crap stuck in limbo like this!!

    You should go to your docs hun whats the situation with you?

  • aw hun some people just dont understand do they. Your gp sounds fab, hope they give you some answers asap and put your mind at rest x
  • Hey honey
    Not been on for a while, AF got me again! Glad she is staying away from you.
    I would feel the same as you so don't think you are over reacting at all! My hubby also gets mardy when he knows I have told certain people that we are TTC. Men just dont talk to each other and can cope but us women are different! (Sorry for generalisation!)
    I would just distance yourself from this WAG for a while, dont want her unpestting you anymore - and also could you hold your tongue if she said anything more? I know I couldnt!

    It will be a long weekend for you my dear till Drs on Moonday! At least you will know though and good to have a supportive GP.

    Take care, H x
  • well,

    it's been about 14 months now since we started trying - and we've been through stages where we've bd lots round OV, stages where we've just bd whenever we've felt like it so that we didn't get too stressed bout it, then 2 cycles ago we did everything by the book and my cbfm seemed to be showing good signs which made me feel better at the time and really positive but to no avail. last month we worked so much that neither of us had the energy so just did not get to bd! now i'm on CD4 or 5 (gosh thtats bad - i'm not sure) so no BD yet but will use the monitor again and BD lots at the right time and if no joy - i really think we should book an appointment. I know OH has mentioned going if we stil weren't pg after 12 months but i'm not sure how he will b if i actually book for us to go??? I have lots of info I can tell the doc as i've kep spread sheets (sad - i know - but i'm not obsessed - i just fill them in whenever i feel like it) i have the cbfm, monitor my ewcm etc but don't really know what OH can say. He get's really worried and sad that because we have so much good stuff in our life and we feel we are rather privileged - this will be the one thing we can't have!

    So sorry - that's rather a long reply!

    i hope your results arrive on Monday and you can get some answers.

    fingers crossed for you chic


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