Question for 'Baby on bored' and everyone else who can help

Hi B-O-B

I just wanted to ask a question, as you gave me some fab advise about when to bd, but i've got a little confused?
I'm not going to be seeing my Oh until CD9(and he will be with me until cd15)... I Ov on CD11. Should i not BD on cd9, then do it from cd10 onwards, or bd cd9, miss cd10...then bd cd11,12,13 miss a day then cd15?

Thanx for your help. Really want to try and get it right, due to my Oh working away 4 nights per week (only for another 4 month's woohoo!!) we don't often get the chance to have a whole week off together around OV.

Thanks againimage xxx


  • hello

    if you ov on CD11 it is best 2 days before through until 2 days after, so 9,10,11, 12 and 13 (lucky man!)
  • Hi Lianne, I think your cycles are fairly average in length right? so cd11 is kind of early. How do you know you ov on cd11? Are you using opk's? My ov day changes each month which is why I use opks to pinpoint it. Last month it was cd16 of a 27 day cycle, this month I ov'd on cd12 so it can vary quite alot each month.

    So if you use opk's you should bd from about cd9-10 every other day and when you get a +ve opk/smiley face bd for 3 days in a row, then take a night off and then bd one more time. Don't forget to use the preseed if you have it!

    If you're not using opk's you could bd every other day or everyday if it makes you feel happier, although everyday can deplete your oh's reserves iykwim. Do that from cd9 through15 - using opk's makes it alot easier to pinpoint if you've done it at the right time!

    Good luck! x image
  • Hey b-o-b,
    iv got a cbfm, and last month I got my peak at 11dpo, and b4 that was using opk, and would get my + around 10-12(again usually cd11)
    so basically I should bd from when I c my oh... Then stop on cd 14 n again on cd15 b4 he goes bak 2 work? Xxxx
  • OK that's right you have the cbfm - ok so then bd from cd9 every other day until you get a high, then when you get a high bd everyday for 3 days, I assume in this time frame you will get your peak on your cbfm, if you get your peak during the 3 day period stop bding after the 3 days and have one night off then bd again the next night. If you don't get your peak keep going everyday until you do then bd the day after your peak, take the following night off and then bd one more time the night after that. Gosh I hope that makes sense! image

    What you want to do is bd to catch the peak but every day for 6 days will weaken his concentration of good swimmers so you're trying to bd for 3 days right around your peak ie. your ov.

    Good luck pet.x
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