Think AF may be getting ready....

Hiya, Im in my first month of ttc and although only on CD16 think AF may be getting ready for her arrival, my cycles were always eratic whilst I had the implant so it wouldnt be unusual to have a short cycle, oh well we will see - it aint over until the fat lady sings so will just have to carry on waiting.. wish me luck girls xx


  • good luck love, i think my AF might be making an appearance (cry) as my face has broken out and i cried today, twice!! This is strange. Soooo wanted fate to take it out of my hands image

    this is tricky business!
  • aw good luck to you too, maybe next month for us! although we need to stay positive as it aint over till its over lol xx
  • Aww good luck hope she stays away x
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