It's been a while...

Hi Ladies, can I come back?

Well I joined here some time ago after coming off the pill last September, just after we got married. I fell pregnant in the January, but unfortunately we suffered a missed miscarriage in March and I oped to have an ERPC. It was a truly tough, emotional and distressing time, it would have been our first baby - (read my other posts - its a bit of a long story to post again).

Anyway, I have had 3 periods since then, April, May and June. I really thought we had cracked it this month as we decided to try the SMEP (Sperm Meets Egg Plan), but was not to be, and I came on :cry:

My periods have been heavier than normal, and also a little longer, around 31-32 days instead of 28. I have seen the doc who says this is fine and not really anything to worry about.

So, basically, I'm back here TTC again. I have read of some people falling straight away after a miscarriage and for others it takes time. I hope it happens soon for us, in fact I hope we all get our BFPs soon!

Babydust to you all.

Love & Light


PS: Is anyone else having a go at the SMEP??


  • welcom back, hope ur stay is short and sweet image so sorry to hear about m/c. we are doing smep this month too, feb up of bfns! got one yest *only 10dpo so still holding out for bfp but i no theres not much chance* so as soon as af shows, smep it is! good luck x
  • welcome back huni....sorry to hear about your m/c. We havent tried the SMEP yet only on the 1st month of TTC....hopefully you wont be with us long image baby dust being thrown your way xxxx
  • welcome back chick xx
  • Hi hun, welcome back! I had an mc end of April and we were hoping to catch the first month but no such luck!

    My cycles are also longer too, 34 days my last one was and i'm now cd18 and no ov yet image

    I keep saying i'll try SMEP but i can't wait 2 days between bd sometimes lol (sorry tmi)! I start off well but come cd10 i'm pouncing on OH every night just in case!

    Good luck and really hope you get your BFP soon
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.

    Lady2188 you made me laugh. I'm on CD8 tomorrow so first night of trying the SMEP again. It's hard isn't it, especially as when I saw the doc, he said you should try and save up the sperm so to speak before ovulation, so everyone says something different! image

    What's all your views on this, would be interested to know.

  • Well i watched the great sperm race on youtube on Saturday night (that's my social life :lolimage and they say best to bd every 2-3 days so that there's lots of spermies waiting. But if you leave it too long their not the best quality. So that's why the SMEP is successful i think, not leaving it too long but not releasing too often so to speak!

    But then there's a lady over in ttc after mc and she swears that she got her bfp this month because they bd'd so much so i guess there's no set rule. I think as long as your having regular sex then it should be ok.

    But then here i am still waiting for a sticky BFP. It's funny how the excitement of ttc soon wears off eh?!
  • I think every other day is good really, there is no set rule. Its not easy every day coz of different working hours etc. Babydust to you sweet. What cycle day are you currently on? Zxx
  • I'm on cd18 but still haven't had a peak on my cbfm yet. Been getting highs since cd7 so i'm at the end of my tether with it!

    Before my mc i was ov'ing on cd14 with a 28 day cycle- textbook really! It's really frustrating!

    Are you tracking ov?
  • Yes, using OPKs, usually ovulate around day 14 or 15 into cycle. I used to be textbook with 28 day cycles too!! Good luck sweet. Zxx
  • As if mc isn't bad enough it totally messes your cycles up, blimmin horrid thing!

    Good luck to you too hun, hope to see your bfp announcement soon!
  • Welcome back, I remember you from TTC after MC. I had mine in Feb. I am on my first month of TTC since then due to many many problems, but now back into a cycle and happy to be trying again.

    Good luck and nice to have you back, although I hope you dont stay here too long ximage
  • Welcome back. I suffered a MMC in May and had a D&C. I have had 1 af since and it was exactly 28 days after it so im very lucky.
    I am currently on cd12 and usually ov on cd15.
    I have always thought bd'ing every other day is the best as the sperm is not too old but developed well. Also means if you cant bd on ov then you have reserve from the last time.
    OH and I have decided its best he does not know when im ov'ing as its too much pressure on him, therefore we need to bd reg or he will guess when I jump him :lol:

    I wish you all the luck in the world hun xxx
  • Hi Z

    Glad to hear your feeling better after your mmc hun, nice to see you back in TTC.

    Hope you get a speedy sticky BFP this time.

    Am still here image onto Month 7 now cant believe its taking so long!!

  • Thanks Ladies.

    SD - have been following your posts, what a nitemare you have been through. Really hope you manage to get things sorted soon.

    3054 - I remember you too - glad your cycles are getting back to normal. Let's hope its our month this month, eh!

    Babylove - you made me laugh - my hubby knows all about my ovulation, so if I pounce on him - he knows why!! :lol:

    Its going to be a HOT HOT HOT weekend and we are off for a picnic tomorrow! Can't wait! Have a great weekend everyone. image

    Love & Light

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