What should normal BBT be???


i'm getting all confused. i think i'm reading too much info and having a brain overload

i've been charting my BBT, last week i got a positive on an opk. since then i'm just roasting all the time. last night i kicked all the covers off and stripped off cos i couldn't cope i was that hot. which is not like me, i can go to spain and still have my blankets and pj;s on. lol
my temp is still 98.6 today but i picked up ovulation last week 24th june. i haven't had af yet and not sure when its due as i' don't have a regular cycle, but got a bfn on a preg test this morning. i know i might have tested to soon but couldn't resist. wish i hadn't now though.

is this temp normal or high? i can't seem to find anything that tells me what my temp should normally be when not ovulating.



  • Hi Connie

    I'm not really sure on the answers to all your questions, but I'll have a go! I don't do OPKs so I can't answer about that at all, but I do chart BBT.
    I chart in celcius though, not farenheit, but working off a conversion, 98.6 sounds quite high and a temperature most likely to be recorded post ovulation. How long have you been charting for? If only since you picked up the pos on the OPK, it's possible you ovulated then and in which case you should expect your BFP or AF 2 weeks after the postive OPK I imagine. That said, you may have a naturally higher temperature than most or perhaps because you are tossing and turning then your bbt has risen (you should take your temp after 3 hours continuous sleep).

    Sorry to not be very helpful!
  • no it is helpful thank you.
    i've only been charting a couple of weeks. i'll keep checking it then. if af doesn't arrive by monday and temp is still high i'll do another test.
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