Possible OV signs??

Am on day 9 of 23 day cycle. I think this means am due to ov tomorrow. Have been doing ov sticks since sunday and keep getting a faint line. It's not as dark as the control line so not a positive result yet, but hoping tomorrow it will be. Am just not sure if ovulating at all with such short cycles. Is a faint line good?
does it indicate ov coming up. Not sure wot to look out for but this evening I do have crampy af type pains, is this good??
Sorry to sound so thick just hate all the waiting around and just wish I knew wot was going on in there.


  • As far as I know the line has to be the same or darker. I don't know what it means if it is fainter - but didn't want to r & r! low AF type pains are definitely a sign of impending OV - the best sign tho is EWCM! that means you are a day or 2 away! Hope it is your time xx

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