legs in the air :p

anyone else feel really really silly doing this?

i got DH to do it with me last night and had a right laugh! we had a competition to see who could stay up the longest!

made me feel a lot more relaxed about the whole thing too image

you should all try it :lol:



  • lol we r on month 6 of ttc and wil try the 'legs in the air' when i get my + opk lol. sounds like a laugh! hehe if no bfp this month, then we will both be doing handstands next month! xx

    hope it worked 4 you xxx
  • I have been doing it hun and OH been doing it with me also....we were lying there the other week legs a kimbo just chatting away forgot we at one point that are legs were in the air....great fun lol xxxx
  • lol oooooo handstands, i never though of that!! id probly just fall over tbh haha

    this is month 12 for us but only the first using opks so hopefully, fingers crossed for both of us image image

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