Hi I'm new and am going to start trying....

Hi Everyone !

I'm Stacey

In 2 weeks time my pill finishes and hubby and I will be trying for a baby straight away : ) Very excited but also not really sure what I should be doing! Lots of questions to ask and any advise any one could give me would be great ! (This is my first time of trying)

I have given up smoking : ) This is my first step : )

We are looking to book some holidays this year, should we go ahead and book them? If I fall pregnant then I will loose the money if I can't go, or if I don't book the holidays and I am not pregnant by the time I go then I will be really upset that I didn't book! Should we put our lives on hold for trying for a baby, or carry on as usual and see what happens?

Do you think I should be using a calender to see when I am ovulating or just let it happen naturally?

Is the first sign of being pregnant missing a period? My sister didn't know she was pregnant until she was 3 months gone, but wouldn't she have missed a period the first month??

Sorry for all the questions, its all a little overwhelming at the moment !!



  • Hi Stacey,
    Im new too so i cant really answer questions, but i did want to welcome you.

    I think it was sparkling diamond who asked about what people were doing for their holidays, and there are lots of different points of view on there.

    I personally use fertility friend for a calander. I think you automatically get a VIP free trial, but i didnt keep it up and ive still got my chart. It was helpful to me when i came off of depo and i could see how my AF settled into a cycle.

  • Hi! I booked a holiday in March 08 and I fell pregnant in the May - My holiday was for September so as I was only 20 weeks pregnant I was still able to fly. I think that maybe if you plan a holiday make sure you plan it so that if you do fall pregnant within the next 6 ish weeks that your not going to be to far along. If you know what I mean. I only did a 3 hour flight so found it bareable - so maybe look into something close to home.

    I am TTC number 2 - the first month I used the chart and I was so stressing making sure I bd on the right days and then I wasn't pregnant anyways. This month I haven't looked at when the right days should be and just dtd when ever and I feel more relaxed about it. But each to there own!

    The first sign of my pregnancy was tingly nipples, I didn't think AF was late, I tested 7 days after my AF was due, so I would say thats one of the signs that you are pregnant, but a few women still bleed during pregnancy so I dunno.

    HTH and good luck x
  • Hi Stace25
    I'm new too, I took my last pill on Monday and God I'm excited!!! We've spent the last six months saying we'll start trying in the new year and now its actually here we both cant wait!
    Ive booked an appointment with my nurse on Friday to ask her loads of questions.. like how long does it take for the pill to leave my system????
  • Oh disco diva sarah- i pretty much asked you that question on your bfp topic, and you ansered it before you knew you were preg!!

  • Hello!
    I've just started ttc too and it;s really exciting!
    Make sure you get some folic acid and start taking it straight away, you can't start taking it to soon!
    I use a calender APP on my iphone to just keep a note of dates and it predicts the best time to 'try' during the month so helpful!

    Good luck

    Mrs Cake image
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