OV symptoms, please help!

Hi Ladies,

this is my first month TTC really, as i had to wait nearly 3 months for AF to return after coming off the pill in jan. so im CD12 today, and yesterday and today i have had EWCM and shooting pains in my right side, i feel quite bloated like just before AF comes and got a dull aches down below that feel alot like AF too? Im confused, could i be OV'ing? i don't want to get my hopes up as i had the EWCM and pains in one side on and off as a symptom of coming off the pill for the last 3 months? just wondering if anyone else experiences these af type feelings when ov'ng? x


  • Hey, Have you got any opk tests? They might help to confirm but it sounds good to me!!

  • Hey, sounds like ovulation to me! Get bd! Xx
  • No i havent got any opk tests image so do u think the AF type feelings are OV symptoms then? x
  • get beddin huni, best to be safe xx
  • have been doing, just dont want to get too excited just in case im in for another long cycle! xx
  • keri-anne, glad ur having the same symptoms, i really hope it is ov'ing for us both and we get BFP's this moth and have January babies! look at me with the pma! lol x
  • it would be quite ironic if i had a january baby, im a january baby and have moaned all my life about it, always telling my mum she didnt plan it very well and i would never have a baby so close to christmas! lol x
  • Same here but once u start u can't stop, way to broody, I hate having a jan birthday coz u get crappy sale presents and everyone is fed up of parties. Lol x
  • LOL at PrincessA. I'm a december baby, moaned about it and then had a dec baby myself!!! Good luck ladies!
  • Lol, my birthday is 2nd jan and it is cr*p! You're right with the rubbish sales gifts and lack of partying - everyone skint and hungover! Lol, heyho! Onwards and upwards, baby dust to us all, xx
  • Really hope I get my bfp this month, just trying not to get my hopes up too much, but at the same time its so important to have a pma isn't it. X
  • hey girls! I came off the pill in march had a pill bleed 19th march then around the 2nd april i had dull cramps and lots of ewcm was convinced i was preg as was so bloated for two weeks too! But af arrived the 16th april exactly 28 days from pill bleed so was happy in a way as she had returned so quickly which hopefully means im ov now, i reckon i ov on 2nd april but my hubby was away workin so we could bd! Lol! I think im ov in the next few days so will get down to it this month! So yes i think you are ov!! Fingers crossed for you hunni x x x
  • we could not bd i ment! Lol x
  • Pleased ur af returned so quickly after coming off the pill, I wouldn't wish all the waiting I had to go throu on my worst enemy! I'm more confussed today as I have ewcm again? Any ideas? X
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